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Lunar Tartan Limited Edition Bear


The Lunar Tartan has been reborn to celebrate 50 years since apollo 11 made the first moon landing in 1969. This is a limited run of 50 uniquely handmade collectible bears using the tartan designed by Ian Maxwell of Eskvalley Textile Co.

Each bear comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and are numbered and also a special added extra is the bear has the number on one of its ears. Each of these bears are very unique and all have there own charcacter and are very different. Different parts of the tartan are used for different areas so they can look very different to the photograph but each part of the tartan design is used to make the bear.

If you would like to see thebear you are purchasing before hand please email and we can send let you see it. These bears are collectibles and not toys due to the buttons used to attach the arms and legs which are moveable. The bears when standing are approximately 11 inches (28cm) in height.

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