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Yarns to Yearn for was established in 2008. Working in textiles for over 20 years there was always yarns left over for what ever reason wether it was companies closing down and not being able to supply the colours anymore or just the yarn became redundant and would sit on the yarnstore shelves and gather dust it started with a few colours and experimenting through ebay to see if there was any interest in the various novelty yarns on offer.


After seeing there was an interest for such yarn, approximately 3000kg of yarn was purchased in various colours and blends and so it began with our ebay shop. After the initial start with the Synthetic blends we trialled a few lambswool, cashmere, fine silk and other natural fibres. These became very popular and so even more stock was built up.Most of the stock we have at the moment is limited and once it runs out it's unlikely we will get more, stock does vary from 1kg up to 150kg in some colours. We are slowly building stock that is repeatable and using FTS Dyers we dye and twist some yarns to get some nice colours and also to ply the yarn together to make it thicker and stronger and easier to work with.We are also building stock in our tartan products starting with our very unique Tartan Collectible Bears, we will also be offering others items in various Clan Tartans. Please keep checking the website for new items becoming available. We also have a Tartan produced and registered with the Scottish register of tartans, it was woven using six of the colours from Yarns to Yearn for logo. This is a very colourful tartan and we plan to have products produced in it and it's also available to purchase by the metre.

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Alan was brought up in the border town of Langholm, once the heart of the Scottish Textile industry. After leaving school he worked in the Yarnstore at Reid and Taylor's after 5 years he went to work for Neill Johnstone Ltd where he was taught how to warp and weave the fancy fabric.

In 1996 he travelled to New Zealand to spend a year travelling and working in various places. He returned to Langholm in 1997 where he spent another 2 years at Neill Johnstone Ltd before heading back out to New Zealand and Australia for a further 7 months.

On his return in 2000 he was employed once again at Neill Johnstone's until 2006 where he left to work in other fields. Around 2008 Reid and Taylor's purchased Neill Johnstone Ltd. This led to Alan being employed once again sourcing yarn and analysing orders.

In 2012 he was promoted to Mill Manager to oversee both the Menswear and Ladies wear sides of the business. Unfortunately in April 2013 Reid and Taylor's was forced to close. This gave Alan the push he needed to concentrate on YTYF (Yarns to Yearn for) which he had been slowly building since 2008.